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T20 World Cup 2022

Pakistan v England, T20 World Cup final live blog: Live updates, commentary, score | TV & live streaming | PAK vs ENG

T20 World Cup final live
by Wisden Staff 2 minute read

-It’s Pakistan v England in the final of the 2022 T20 World Cup – follow Wisden’s live blog for all the updates, commentary, scores, analysis, as well as TV channels and live streaming details for the PAK vs ENG finale.

Pakistan v England, T20 World Cup final: Live scorecard and statistics

Pakistan v England, T20 World Cup final: Live updates and commentary

2022-11-15, 11:54:00: Sam Curran is the Player of the Match and the Player of the Tournament.

2022-11-15, 11:40:00: England 138-5 (19), win by 5 wickets with 6 balls to spare: Jos Buttler 26(17), Alex Hales 1(2) Phil Salt 10(9) Ben Stokes 52*(49) Harry Brook 20(23) Moeen 19(12) Livingstone 1*(2) Shaheen 2.1-0-13-1 Naseem 4-0-30-0 Rauf 4-0-23-2 Shadab 4-0-20-1 Wasim 4-0-38-1 Iftikhar 0.5-0-13-0

2022-11-15, 11:38:00: England 138-5 (19), win by 5 wickets with 6 balls to spare: Livingstone gets a single. Wasim bowls a full-toss, and Stokes creams it through extra-cover to bring up his first T20I fifty! That also levels the scores with eight balls in hand. He swings the last ball past mid-wicket, and England win the World Cup!

2022-11-15, 11:34:00: England 132-5 (18.2), need 6 in 10: Wasim strikes! Stokes gets a run, and Wasim bowls a fast yorker. Moeen tries to drive, but the inside edge crashes on to the stumps. Moeen Ali b Mohammad Wasim 19(12)!

2022-11-15, 11:32:00: England 131-4 (18), need 7 in 12: Rauf. Last throw of the dice for Pakistan. They run a single each, then Moeen cuts the third ball for two. Rauf keeps coming back, hits Stokes on the thumb, misses Stokes’ helmet, but does not get the wicket. Five off the over.

2022-11-15, 11:27:00: England 126-4 (17), need 12 in 18: Moeen slams Wasim’s first ball past cover for four, and pulls the second for four more. England are running away with this. He gets a single, and Stokes pulls the fourth ball for two, and pushes the fifth to mid-off for a run. Moeen takes a swipe, and it flies over Rizwan for four. England have picked up 29 in two overs.

2022-11-15, 11:23:00: England 110-4 (16), need 28 in 24: Shaheen returns to bowl, he has bowled a good length, there is no run, but he is hobbling. He walks away, and Iftikhar will complete the over. Stokes lofts the third ball (Iftikhar’s second), and the ball falls short of long-off. Stokes slams the fifth ball past extra-cover for four, and lofts the sixth over long-off for six.

2022-11-15, 11:17:00: England 97-4 (15), need 41 in 30: Shaheen returns to the ground, Rauf returns to bowl. He swings and misses the first ball but picks up two from deep extra-cover off the second. They get two more singles, and Stokes swings and misses again. The last ball is back of a length, and Stokes calmly places it through cover.

2022-11-15, 11:15:00: England 89-4 (14), need 49 in 36: Moeen pushes the first ball to mid-on, Stokes calls for the run and slips, the fielder misses the throw. They decide to play out Naseem, just two off that over.

2022-11-15, 11:09:00: England 87-4 (13), need 51 in 42: Moeen arrives, pushes the first ball to cover for a single, Stokes hits the last ball of the over past deep extra-cover to pick up two.

2022-11-15, 11:06:00: England 84-4 (12.3), need 54 in 45: Shadab takes out Brook. He was struggling for some time, and now he hits a tossed-up ball straight to deep extra-cover. Harry Brook c Shaheen Shah Afridi b Shadab Khan 20(23)!

2022-11-15, 11:02:00: England 82-3 (12), need 56 in 48: A superb over from Shadab, starts with four dot balls, just two off it. Naseem follows up superbly, with two snorters that whoosh past Brook. The next ball is short, Brook pulls, and Shadab pulls off a spectacular diving save. Naseem immediately beats Stokes outside off, and does it again, and this time Babar reviews, no contact.

2022-11-15, 10:50:00: England 77-3 (10), need 61 in 60: Wasim’s fourth ball is on off-stump, too overpitched, Stokes wait and creams it to the extra-cover fence. Eight runs off this one too. 61 in 61, Brook pushes the last ball to mid-wicket, but there is no run. Drinks.

2022-11-15, 10:45:00: England 69-3 (9), need 69 in 66: Shadab’s third ball is slow, Stokes reverse-sweeps and edges, it runs for four. Shadab still keeps it to eight, but Pakistan need wickets, not tight overs at this point.

2022-11-13, 10:41:00: England 61-3 (8), need 77 in 72: Wasim. Brook exposes all three stumps to make room, but Wasim cramps him, and all Brook can manage is a single to deep extra-cover. The next ball is wide down leg, and the one after that a wide way outside off. Brook pushes the fourth ball to deep mid-wicket, a wristy shot, they run two. Wasim does well to cramp Brook for space, he has hit him on the elbow.

2022-11-13, 10:35:00: England 54-3 (7), need 84 in 78: Shadab. Beats Brook’s outside edge, but Brook cuts the next ball for two. England get five off the over, but they need to score at barely above a run a ball, so they are fine.

2022-11-13, 10:32:00: England 49-3 (6), need 89 in 84: Brook comes to the party. The fifth ball is pitched up, and Brook places it easily to the mid-wicket fence.

2022-11-13, 10:30:00: England 45-3 (5.3), need 93 in 87: Rauf’s third ball is a bouncer, Buttler ducks, it is given a wide. The next ball takes the edge, and Rizwan does the rest. Pakistan are still in this. Jos Buttler c Mohammad Rizwan b Haris Rauf 26(17)!

2022-11-13, 10:23:00: England 43-2 (5), need 95 in 90: Naseem replaces Shaheen, the second ball is way down leg, goes for five wides. Naseem bowls thrice outside off, Buttler pokes thrice and misses thrice, so Babar gets a slip, so Buttler moves across and scoops Naseem for a huge six. And Naseem does an encore, beating Buttler with the last ball.

2022-11-13, 10:18:00: England 32-2 (4), need 106 in 96: Rauf to bowl in his adopted home ground. Salt flicks the first ball past mid-wicket for four. The next ball is full as well, but the third ball is short, and Salt pulls straight to the fielder. Phil Salt c Iftikhar Ahmed b Haris Rauf 10(9)!

2022-11-13, 10:12:00: England 28-1 (3), need 110 in 102: They go up in unison against Salt, it struck him on the pad, they review, but it is umpire’s call on impact. Buttler slaps the next ball between mid-on and mid-wicket for four.

2022-11-13, 10:05:00: England 21-1 (2), need 117 in 108: Naseem beats Buttler’s outside edge with one that jags away, but Buttler creams the second ball through cover for four. The third ball is pitched up as well, and this one disappears too, that should release the pressure somewhat. He edges the fourth ball, it runs to deep third, they run, it is raining at the Melbourne Cricket Ground now.

2022-11-13, 10:00:00: England 7-1 (1), need 131 in 114: Shaheen starts in wayward fashion before beating Buttler’s outside edge. Buttler gets a run, and Shaheen takes out Hales’ leg-stump with the last ball, his feet did not move at all. Alex Hales b Shaheen Shah Afridi 1(2)!

2022-11-13, 09:48:00: Pakistan 137-8 (20): Rizwan 15(14) Babar 32(28) Haris 8(12) Shan 38(28) Iftikhar 0(6) Shadab 20(14) Nawaz 5(7) Wasim 4(8) Shaheen 4*(8) Rauf 1*(1) Stokes 4-0-32-1 Woakes 3-0-26-0 Curran 4-1-12-3 Rashid 4-1-22-2 Jordan 4-0-27-2 Livingstone 1-0-16-0

2022-11-13, 09:45:00: Pakistan 137-8 (20): Shaheen goes for the hook and top-edges to pick up four valuable runs, but beyond that, Pakistan have little to celebrate. Jordan concedes six off that over to finish with 4-0-27-3. That is a score about 20 runs below par – and par is not likely to be good enough against a side that bats up to 11.

2022-11-13, 09:41:00: Pakistan 131-8 (19.3): Now Jordan takes out Wasim. Slower ball, Wasim tries to clear wide long-on, and as before, Livingstone holds it well inside. Mohammad Wasim c Liam Livingstone b Chris Jordan 4(8)!

2022-11-13, 09:40:00: Pakistan 131-7 (19): Yet another superb over off Curran (just four off it). That ends his tremendous spell (4-0-12-3) and World Cup (22.4-0-148-13).

2022-11-13, 09:35:00: Pakistan 129-7 (18.3): Nawaz follows Masood in attempt and output. He tries to clear deep mid-wicket but finds the fielder, stationed well inside the ropes. Mohammad Nawaz c Liam Livingstone b Sam Curran 5(4)!

2022-11-13, 09:34:00: Pakistan 127-6 (18): Wasim cuts to point, Brook drops it. He recovers and throws, and misses the direct hit at the non-striker’s end. There are overthrows, and they run three, and even then they get only five off the over.

2022-11-13, 09:31:00: Pakistan 123-6 (17.2): Jordan. Shadab makes room and tries to clear the mid-off, but there is no pace on the ball at all. The ball lobs tamely to mid-off. Shadab Khan c Chris Woakes b Chris Jordan 20(14)!

2022-11-13, 09:29:00: Pakistan 122-5 (17): Nawaz. He gets a run off the second ball, Curran finishes with a bouncer, Shadab misses the uppercut, just three off the over.

2022-11-13, 09:26:00: Pakistan 121-5 (16.3): Curran. Shan pulls the first ball for two. He makes room for the second, Curran bowls it outside his reach. Shan tries to clear mid-wicket and fails by a huge margin, Pakistan five down. Shan Masood c Liam Livingstone b Sam Curran 38(28)!

2022-11-13, 09:22:00: Pakistan 119-4 (16): Stokes ahead of Woakes, so the last four overs will be Jordan-Curran-Jordan-Curran. Shadab flicks the first ball for two, the second ball is wide down leg, and Shadab slams the next ball through cover, past a diving Salt on the rope. He pulls the fifth ball, a superb diving save at deep mid-wicket saves a run. Thirteen off the over.

2022-11-13, 09:17:00: Pakistan 106-4 (15): Jordan returns. The first ball is a slow bouncer, hits Shan on the helmet, the medical staff runs a check. Shan goes after the next ball, does not time at all. The next ball finds the edge of a slogging Shadab, a single to deep third, that is Pakistan’s 100, can they get to 170 or thereabouts? Shan bunts the fourth ball through extra-cover for four. Eight off the over.

2022-11-13, 09:11:00: Pakistan 98-4 (14): Rashid to bowl out. Shadab is not willing to wait, he lofts the third ball over Rashid’s head for four (that is not an easy shot to hit off a slow ball). Rashid finishes with 4-1-22-2.

2022-11-13, 09:07:00: Pakistan 90-4 (13): Shadab plays to gully for a run. Shan pulls to pick up two, but just two more singles off the over. Pakistan have only seven overs in hand, they still have Nawaz and Wasim, when does the onslaught begin?

2022-11-13, 09:05:00: Pakistan 85-4 (12.2): Stokes to bowl his third over (Livingstone has already bowled one). Shan gets a leg-bye, and Stokes finds Iftikhar’s edge, Pakistan four down! Iftikhar Ahmed c Jos Buttler b Ben Stokes 0(6)!

2022-11-13, 09:01:00: Pakistan 84-3 (12): Rashid keeps Iftikhar on check, almost strikes with a googly, that is a wicket maiden.

2022-11-13, 08:58:00: Pakistan 84-3 (11.1): Rashid strikes. Bowls the googly, probably stops on Babar a bit as he tries to cut, the ball hits the splice and lobs back to Rashid, who takes an excellent tumbling catch. Babar Azam c & b Adil Rashid 32(28)!

2022-11-13, 08:57:00: Pakistan 84-2 (11): Livingstone. Babar gets a two and a one before Shan lofts the fourth ball for four, and outdoes that off the fifth ball with an enormous straight six. Livingstone alters his line, and Shan places it past short third for two, 16 off the over.

2022-11-13, 08:52:00: Pakistan 68-2 (10): Rashid continues to bowl slow through the air. He knows he has the cushion of the large dimensions. A googly is called wide, and Shan cuts the last ball for two, but even then, just nine off the over. Drinks.

2022-11-13, 08:48:00: Pakistan 59-2 (9): Jordan. The second ball is short, and Babar places it between square-leg and fine-leg for four. Shan flicks the fourth ball to pick up two. They get nine off the over.

2022-11-13, 08:43:00: Pakistan 50-2 (8): A top over from Rashid, just like he has bowled throughout the tournament. He is accurate, he is slower (possibly for the large ground), and all Pakistan get are a single and two twos.

2022-11-13, 08:40:00: Pakistan 45-2 (7.1): Rashid comes – and strikes first ball. Tosses the first ball up (probably slower than usual), Haris goes after him straight away – and finds long-on. Mohammad Haris c Ben Stokes b Adil Rashid 8(12)!

2022-11-13, 08:38:00: Pakistan 45-1 (7): Stokes (not Rashid). His first three balls are all just back of length, and Babar and Haris pull them for three singles. The fourth ball is a faster bouncer, Haris’ hook finds air. Haris hits the fifth ball over Stokes’ head, they run two. Six off the over.

2022-11-13, 08:34:00: Pakistan 39-1 (6): Woakes bowls on leg-stump, easy for Babar, he simply turns it past fine-leg for four. Tries to clear mid-wicket off the next ball but does not time at on, they run a single. Woakes finds Haris’ edge, but nothing comes of it. Haris swings and misses off the next ball, something is going to give in here. Some relief comes in the form of a wide. The last ball is on the stumps, Haris stands inside the crease and simply turns the ball over fine-leg for four, deft shot!

2022-11-13, 08:29:00: Pakistan 29-1 (5): Haris arrives, and slaps the first ball to mid-off. He tries to steer the next ball, but Curran has taken the pace off, so he gets nothing. A swing and a ramp, but nothing works for Haris.

2022-11-13, 08:25:00: Pakistan 29-1 (4.2): Curran strikes with his wobble-seam one. There was a slight hold-up, after which Curran bowls one on the off-stump. Rizwan goes for it and chops on. Mohammad Rizwan b Sam Curran 15(14)!

2022-11-13, 08:21:00: Pakistan 28-0 (4): Rizwan goes after Woakes. In the slot on off-stump, and Rizwan clears deep mid-wicket on this huge ground. Woakes does well until the last ball, which Babar chips past mid-on for three. Twelve off the over, Pakistan refuse to get bogged down.

2022-11-13, 08:17:00: Pakistan 16-0 (3): Curran replaces Stokes. Finds some swing off the third ball, and Rizwan flicks and sets off for two. Running between the wickets is going to be crucial on this enormous ground. Curran beats Babar’s bat with the fifth ball (he had tried to cut one that was not pitched up enough), and cramps him for room with the sixth, top bowling, this.

2022-11-13, 08:12:00: Pakistan 12-0 (2): Woakes at the other end. He starts with a wide outside leg, but recovers well. Rizwan goes for a brash drive off the fifth ball, the inside edge runs to deep fine-leg. Babar flicks the fifth ball in the air but it falls to the right of the mid-wicket fielder. Nice, tight over.

2022-11-13, 08:07:00: Pakistan 8-0 (1): Stokes’ first ball is innocuous, but he has overstepped, so it is a free hit. This was England’s first no-ball of the tournament! The first free hit ball is a wide outside leg, but Stokes comes back well with a bouncer, hitting Rizwan on the shoulder. The first (two) runs come off the glove, off a ball that had bounced more than Rizwan had anticipated. Rizwan pushes the fourth ball to mid-off and sets off, Jordan throws, Rizwan would have been gone! The last ball is short, Babar cuts through backward point, they have Rashid at deep third, so they get three.

2022-11-13, 07:27:00: England: Jos Buttler (c & wk), Alex Hales, Phil Salt, Ben Stokes, Harry Brook, Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Chris Woakes, Chris Jordan, Adil Rashid. Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Mohammad Haris, Shan Masood, Iftikhar Ahmed, Mohammad Nawaz, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Wasim, Naseem Shah, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Shah Afridi.

2022-11-13, 07:23:00: England have won the toss and opted to bowl. Babar says he would have done the same. Both teams are unchanged, so Wood or Malan might not have recovered yet. No Willey either.


T20 World Cup final: Where to watch on TV and live streaming

In the UK: Sky Sports Cricket and Sky Sports Main Event will telecast the match on TV. The match will also be broadcast on Channel 4. Live streaming is also available on SkyGo and the Sky Sports App.

In India: Matches will be available on the Star Sports Network, on the following TV channels: Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 1 Hindi, Star Sports 1 Hindi HD, Star Sports 1 Tamil, Star Sports 1 Telugu, Star Sports 1 Kannada.

Live streaming will be available on Disney+ Hotstar mobile app.

In Pakistan: PTV and ARY will broadcast the matches. Live streaming on PTV, ARY ZAP, and Daraz.

For live telecast details in other areas, check here.

Bet365 will be Live Streaming all of the T20 World Cup matches direct to your iPhone, iPad or Android device, as well as desktop. This means that every T20 World Cup fixture will be available to bet365 customers wherever they are in the world.

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