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Club Cricket’s Best Dismissal Reactions

by Wisden Staff

We took to Twitter to ask you to share with us some of the best reactions to getting out you’ve ever seen. Here are a few of our highlights.

Kev Baker
I remember the opposition opener getting out first ball of the game to a rank full toss, he was so angry that he took to chopping up his bat behind the pavilion.

Cricket dismissal reactions 3

Rob Bullivant

I once beat a plastic boundary flag with my bat while I was walking off and I timed it so perfectly that I speared the opposition’s female scorer in the calf…

Daniel Roberts

Our captain broke his new iPhone 5 by smashing it on the floor when he realised we only had eight people turning up. We were all out for 18.

Andy Harris

I was once sawn off caught behind – I wasn’t within a yard of it and I was so angry that I flattened the stumps and shouted: “NOW I’M OUT!”

Steve Stevens
I remember we once dismissed someone who then walked straight to his car, got in with pads still on, did a burnout and drove off.

Cricket dismissal reactions 2


It wasn’t strictly in a dressing room, but in one of my first years of senior cricket I saw a man beat up a tree when he got out. It was a 4th XI game…


I once saw an opposition player hit himself in the head (his helmet was still on) with his bat whilst walking off.

Jak Cann

I went to kick a box across the changing room, followed through and broke my nose. Go figure how. #cricketphysics

David Nichols

I smashed all the boundary markers and then threw my bat in changing room. In doing that I broke my handle and when I went outside my daughter said I was a disgrace.

Aaron Rowles

I broke my foot after a narrow defeat resulted in me throwing and then punting my bat across the field. My teammates enjoyed it.

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Illustrations: Joe Provis

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Comments (5)

  1. Brighton 6 years ago (Edit)

    A certain player from Zimbabwe was given out LBW, and disagreeing, walked off with all the stumps

  2. Richard White 6 years ago (Edit)

    Opposition bat was caught on the boundary off of our young spinner. He proceeded to smash the stumps down with his bat, kicked a chair through the Pavillion doorway en route to the changing room. He then re-emerged still in his whites with his kitbag in hand, got in his car and drove home.

  3. Nicholas Horne 6 years ago (Edit)

    In a league match, the (2nd XI) skipper was clean bowled but refused to leave the crease on the grounds that he had "seen that the bowler had overstepped", so it "was definitely a no-ball". [Eventually, after a couple of minutes and much shouting, we persuaded him to come back to the pavilion....]

  4. CC O 6 years ago (Edit)

    In my 3rd match as a senior (in Denmark) I caught the opening bat on the boundary. He had to pass me on his way out. I was like 15 and he was 25, but he hit me on the shoulder with his bat and shouted like crazy...

  5. Pierre Marais 6 years ago (Edit)

    In a Boland League match, the opposing Rawsonville
    Batsman, when getting out, drop kicked his helmet
    halfway to the boundary rope.

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