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MCC: Why the umpires were right not to review Harshal Patel’s pre-delivery run out appeal

Ben Gardner by Ben Gardner
@Ben_Wisden 3 minute read

The MCC has explained why the umpires were correct to not review Harshal Patel’s attempted pre-delivery run out of Ravi Bishnoi at the end of the Royal Challengers Bangalore-Lucknow Super Kings IPL match.

The moment in question was one of the most dramatic of IPL 2023 so far, with LSG winning by one wicket on the final ball of the game. With one run to win on the last ball, Harshal attempted to run out Bishnoi, who had been backing up in anticipation of a single before he bowled, but missed the stumps. He then turned and threw the stumps down, with Bishnoi diving for the crease but still out of his ground.

However, RCB’s appeals were waved away by the on-field officials, with a dead ball the result. LSG went on to scramble a single from the final ball of the game.


There was debate in the aftermath over why RCB had not been allowed to appeal for Bishnoi’s wicket. Wisden.com contacted the MCC, custodians of the Laws of Cricket, on the matter, and have since received the following clarification:

“Law 38.3.2 states that if a bowler attempts to Run out the non-striker and is unsuccessful, the umpire should call and signal Dead ball ‘as soon as possible’. The bowler has the right to Run out the non-striker, but that right cannot extend indefinitely – so, in this case, the failed attempt by Harshal as he ran past the stumps but failed to put the wicket down is therefore the point after which the umpire, correctly, deemed the ball to be Dead. This was amended in the 2022 Edition of the Laws to cover exactly this sort of incident.

“NB: If Harshal had not attempted the Run out as he ran past the stumps, the time during which he could effect a Run out after passing the crease is not unlimited. If the bowler does not, relatively immediately, attempt a Run out, the umpire is well within his/her rights to determine that no Run out has been attempted, and the ball is Dead under Law How long the umpire waits is a matter of judgement but a bowler who runs several yards through the crease, stops, looks at the non-striker and then decides it is time to attempt a Run out is likely to find themselves having missed the window. However, as stated above, that does not apply in this case, because of the failed attempt as Harshal passed the stumps.”

The relevant section of Law 38.3.2 reads: “If the ball is not delivered…if there is no appeal…[the umpire] shall call and signal Dead Ball as soon as possible.” Therefore, with no delivery and no immediate appeal, a dead ball was the right call.

Law states: “Either umpire shall call and signal Dead Ball when…the ball does not leave the bowler’s hand for any reason other than an attempt to run out the non-striker under Law 38.3 (Non-striker leaving his/her ground early).”

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