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EngW flag EngWWon toss. Elected to bowl
Series badge SAW
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Overs: 46.2 RR: 4.86 vs spin: 4.00
vs seam: 4.98
Overs: 50.0 RR: 4.44 vs spin: 4.48
vs seam: 4.36
Wed 28/06/00 England Women v South Africa Women, 4th ODI, The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton
ENGLAND WOMEN WIN England Women won by 8 wickets
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South Africa Women - 1st Inns 222-7 (50.0; RR: 4.44)

AL Hodgkinsonlbw b Pearson13292044.83
DJ Reidc Cassar b Pearson6121050.00
AA Burgerc Daniels b Holden22403055.00
HA Daviesrun out231930121.05
CE Eksteenc Taylor b Connor62885070.45
S Viljoenc Shaw b Reynard03000.00
R Scheepersb Holden5200025.00
A Kuylaarsnot out57738078.08
K Pricenot out181630112.50
Y van der Merwe 
LP Lewis 
Extras (0b, 1lb, 15w, 0nb)16 
TOTAL222-7 (50.0 overs; RR: 4.44)

Fall of wickets

10-1 (DJ Reid 0.0 ov), 34-2 (AL Hodgkinson 0.0 ov), 62-3 (AA Burger 0.0 ov), 75-4 (HA Davies 0.0 ov), 78-5 (S Viljoen 0.0 ov), 90-6 (R Scheepers 0.0 ov), 184-7 (CE Eksteen 0.0 ov)

LC Pearson10.004924.9090
CE Taylor5.021603.2000
D Holden10.004424.4000
MA Reynard10.004414.4060
CJ Connor10.003913.9000
KM Leng5.002905.8000

England Women - 1st Inns 225-2 (46.2; RR: 4.86)

CM Edwardsnot out9612314078.05
SC Taylorc Burger b van der Merwe5121041.67
BA Danielsc Scheepers b van der Merwe9512915073.64
KM Lengnot out7151046.67
J Cassar 
MA Reynard 
NJ Shaw 
CJ Connor 
D Holden 
CE Taylor 
LC Pearson 
Extras (0b, 6lb, 15w, 1nb)22 
TOTAL225-2 (46.2 overs; RR: 4.86)

Fall of wickets

17-1 (SC Taylor 0.0 ov), 199-2 (BA Daniels 0.0 ov)

Y van der Merwe7.213825.4330
A Kuylaars3.001103.6750
LP Lewis2.001507.5020
HA Davies10.023803.8011
K Price10.013403.4010
CE Eksteen6.004006.6700
AL Hodgkinson2.001407.0000
DJ Reid6.002904.8330

Match Info


England Women v South Africa Women at Taunton, 4th ODI


Wednesday June 28, 2000


England Women won the toss and elected to field


11:00am BST


The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton


NA Mallender, JA West

England Women Team

Playing XI

CM Edwards, SC Taylor, BA Daniels, KM Leng, J Cassar, MA Reynard, NJ Shaw, CJ Connor, D Holden, CE Taylor, LC Pearson

South Africa Women Team

Playing XI

AL Hodgkinson, DJ Reid, AA Burger, HA Davies, CE Eksteen, S Viljoen, R Scheepers, A Kuylaars, K Price, Y van der Merwe, LP Lewis