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The reasons for cricket fans to register at GamStop

by Wisden Staff 3 minute read

The earliest definite reference to cricket can be traced back to England in the late sixteenth century.

Since then, the sport has gained extreme popularity, now ranking as the second most followed sport in the world, after football. Cricket betting is therefore very popular, with punters making predictions about the outcome of a match by placing bets, thereby trying their luck.

Gambling has become quicker and more convenient with the rise of technology. Punters can easily place bets on their mobiles or laptops from anywhere in the world. There are many online cricket betting sites where a player can play. But the gamblers need to be cautious about the ill effects of the hobby.
Gambling addiction is a growing problem, which can lead to overspending and even bankruptcy. Moreover, the addictive nature of gambling can destroy personal lives as compulsive gamblers can spend most of the day gambling. These excessive gambling habits can be effectively monitored by using a gambling blocking software, GamStop.

GamStop: A Brief History

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is a non-profit organization. UKGC provides gambling licenses to companies that have to abide by certain guideline. One such guideline, to link up with GamStop, is strictly adhered to by UKGC registered casinos for operating in the UK. Now, what is GamStop?

GamStop, a self-exclusion system, was developed by the National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited (NOSES) and GamStop became fully functional in March 2020. GamStop is under the purview of the UKGC. Except for some non-GamStop non-stop bookmakers, all the online casinos in the UK are linked with GamStop and it is also operational in the countries of Wales, Scotland, and England.

Functioning of GamStop

When a player registers on GamStop that player must enter numerous personal details. The GamStop user receive an email upon filling in the details and the self-exclusion period is activated within 24 hours. This player will then be excluded from the online gambling sites for the selected time period, also referred to as the Minimum Exclusion Period. This Minimum Exclusion Period can be of six months, one year, or five years. The player registered on the GamStop has to be patient and has to wait for the Self-Exclusion period to be over to enter the online gambling sites for placing bets.

After the activation of the self-exclusion period, whenever a player tries to enter an online UKGC licensed gambling site, a routine data check is performed by the system by scanning through the database. Immediate blocking of a player is done if the player is found to be registered on GamStop and the player will be barred from approaching the gambling site further. This data is stored for seven years, then for an additional archive period of seven years even after the self-exclusion period is complete, according to the privacy policy of GamStop.

Why should cricket fans register at GamStop?

Cricket, as already stated, is an extremely popular sport in the UK. A significant section of British cricket fans like to gamble, but not all of them are compulsive gamblers. Cricket gambling seems to be very alluring for the punters, but compulsive gamblers need support to restrict their gambling addiction. Gamblers usually place bets on a batter or a bowler in a match. This depends on the runs scored by a player or the number of wickets taken by a cricketer. It is a good decision to join GamStop for those gamblers who feel that they are spending more time on gambling than usual, which is affecting their personal and social lives, should consider registering on GamStop.

GamStop is basically a self-exclusion scheme for obsessive gamblers to curb their excessive gambling habits. They might seek help by logging on to the GamStop portal. The excessive gambling habits of the gamblers are regulated by GamStop, as they are not allowed access to gambling websites. The gamblers hence receive support mentally, emotionally, and financially from GamStop. GamStop is, therefore, a crucial step toward responsible gambling.

Registration on the GamStop site is the mark of a responsible gambler. GamStop is an effective tool in controlling the excessive gambling habits of gamblers and is important in maintaining a responsible gambling environment. GamStop is like a shield, which protects vulnerable gamblers from the adverse effects of compulsive gambling. Therefore, cricket punters, especially the ones with addictive gambling habits or a tendency to develop addictive gambling habits, should consider registering themselves on GamStop.

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