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Important factors that may affect your cricket bets

by Wisden Staff 3 minute read

Cricket is a quiet and gentle sport, and yet it is loved the world over.

Some countries are more into cricket than others, and in these regions, cricket plays a huge role in the gambling and betting world. Those that enjoy the sport will often turn towards gambling as a way of enjoying their sport on a different level, meaning if you have not discovered it yet for yourself, it might be something that you consider. You can get further help from expert sports punters here, if you are contemplating taking the plunge into cricket gambling.

Cricket: Briefly Explained

Cricket can be quite a complicated sport to understand, but here are the basics. The game is played on a playing field that is oval-shaped and made out of grass. The field is at most 150 metres in diameter, and it’s a strip of shaved turf near the middle of the ground, called the ‘pitch’, that accommodates all of the action. This applies to all cricket tournaments, including T20.

The cricket match is composed of two opposing teams that will have one or two bats each. The aim of the game is for one team to try and score the most runs possible, by using the bat to hit the ball out far. Each team will have a turn in bowling the ball towards the batsman, and if they miss, and the ball hits their stumps, they instantly become out. The team which scores the most runs wins. While confusing to describe, watching a match in real-time will make the principles make more sense.

Each match lasts a different amount of time for each game, though each will have a time by which it must be finished. Each tournament will run its course – sometimes for days, others for a few hours. One of the most important elements to dictate the batters from the bowlers in the beginning of the game is the coin toss, which decides who will bat or bowl first.

Cricket Betting Explained

Cricket betting is not as difficult as you may initially think. It is best to wait until you understand cricket as fully as possible before betting, but you can still have fun without knowing 100 per cent of the details. Using a great sportsbook, you can utilise your knowledge as large or brief as it is, to place a bet on a pending game. While there are complicated live bets that can be made, it is always better to learn how to walk before you attempt to run. You can bet on various factors like the Player of the Match, the team with the highest number of runs, the best bowler and batter.

The Cricket World Cup: The Best Tournament to Bet on

The Cricket World Cup is an opportunity for lots of countries to compete against one another. It was in 1975 that the first men’s Cricket World Cup was organised and since its inception, it has successfully been played roughly every four years. The World Cup is set up for the perfect scenario for betting opportunities.

The influence of the weather

The weather plays a huge role in the success of your bet within cricket (more than in most sports). Cricket being played outside will have the risk of rain, in which cricket can’t be played, and humidity, which can be crucial to a bowler’s success. When rain falls, it can pose a threat to the game getting cancelled altogether, meaning it is important that you keep an eye on the weather forecasts before you place any bets on the game.

Take into account cricket fields

Another thing many gamblers overlook is the size of the field that the cricket is played on. While there is no international standard, the same shot can bring different rewards depending on the size of the field. On one, it might travel over the boundary for six. On another, it could fall directly into a fielder’s hands. Therefore, just as players need to be prepared for that, so do you when you place a bet on the given game environment. If you are prepared for this, you can be successful when it comes to placing bets.

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