Speaking on the latest Wisden Cricket Weekly Podcast, Mark Butcher has called England’s domestic schedule a “whole, unholy mess”, prophesying that going forward, World Cups might change significantly owing to the growing demands of the sport.

In the aftermath of Ben Stokes’ retirement from ODIs, conversations around the workload of multi-format players have heightened significantly. Butcher feels that the sport is at a crossroads, with international cricket its losing its priority, and franchise cricket running amok over the cricketing calendar.

“It’s a real mess,” Butcher said. “I know there’s a review coming up, I read something very interesting yesterday about the potential for a 12-team Division One in the Championship. And then the other six teams augmented by four of the best minor county sides to play in Division Two. I mean, there’s lots of wild things knocking around in terms of what might be coming.