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T20 World Cup 2021

T20 World Cup 2021 SCO vs NAM Live Updates – Score, TV Channels, Streaming | Scotland v Namibia

by Shashwat Kumar 15 minute read
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Welcome to Wisden’s live match centre for the T20 World Cup 2021 game between Scotland and Namibia on October 27.

Scotland will enter the game after a 130-run mauling at the hands of Afghanistan, while Namibia will play the first game of the Super 12s.

Scotland v Namibia: Live Scorecard

Right. That will be it from us for tonight. It has been a pleasure bringing this tightly-contested fixture to you. Do join us tomorrow as Australia and Sri Lanka – two of the three unbeaten teams in Group 1 clash swords at Dubai. Goodbye, stay safe!

Match Report: Namibia’s bowlers set up historic victory

Throughout the tournament, Namibia have given an excellent account of themselves with the ball. They don’t have the luxury of express pace or mystery spin but they have the requisite discipline to keep asking the batters questions. Today, with the pitch assisting their bowlers a touch, they were simply unplayable, especially during the Power Play. Trumpelmann, in particular, was breathing fire during the first six overs and broke the back of the Scottish innings. With the willow, they were a little shaky, especially as the Scottish spinners turned the screw in the middle overs. Towards the end, though, their middle order, namely Smit and Wiese stood up to muster lusty blows and put the result beyond doubt.

Scotland, more than anything, were shell-shocked at Namibia’s bowling prowess. They might have been a little circumspect anyway, considering their collapse against Afghanistan, although that doesn’t take anything away from Namibia. To their credit, they performed wonderfully to stretch the game into the final over, with Berrington’s magnificent captaincy being a standout feature. Apart from that, Scotland have a lot of introspection to indulge in. Their top order has failed more often than not at the T20 World Cup and with massive games against India, New Zealand and Pakistan lined up, they might have to pull up their socks.

All in all, it seems that Namibia’s wildest dreams have come to fruition today. Not just because they have registered a victory at the first time of asking in the Super 12 stage but also because it sets them up beautifully for the games to follow. Again, they might not be a side that makes people sit up and take notice. But they certainly know how to get the job done – a characteristic that can be very handy in the upcoming matches.

Namibia script history!

Despite the nerve jangling at the other end, Smit does what was expected of him as he carves the first ball of the over for a maximum. Namibia have defeated Scotland again and this time, the fact that it came in the Super 12 stage would have made it sweeter. Namibia continue punching above their weight and this has got to be one of the stories of this T20 World Cup so far!

Over 19: Namibia 109-6 – Wheal stretches the game into the final over

Smit had seemingly sealed the game off the second ball with a boundary. However, Namibia only scored one run post that, meaning that with an over remaining, Namibia are yet to cross the finish line. Smit will be on strike to complete things off officially though!

Update: Namibia need 7 runs off 12 balls, with Frylinck on strike for the start of the 19th over. He is up against Wheal but with Smit at the other end, a Namibian victory seems a matter of when, rather than if. Scotland need something special to get over the line from here.

Over 17.4 Namibia 102-4 – Leask gets Wiese but Namibia on the brink of history

Leask was introduced into the attack to get the better of Wiese and he has done so by enticing the right-handed batter to miscue his slog. However, just a couple of deliveries prior to it, Wiese cleared the fence, meaning that Namibia only require 8 runs for victory now. Has this wicket come  a little too late for Scotland? It might just have!

Update: Berrington is gambling with spin and considering how they have fared, it isn’t as absurd as it sounds. They have gotten the ball to grip and have not allowed the batters any easy runs. Leask to bowl the 18th over and this over could define where the game ends up.

Over 16: Namibia 93-4 – Greaves can’t get the breakthrough Scotland need

Greaves was brought on to break this partnership but he wasn’t able to do so. A part of it could be down to the formation of dew, which caused a couple of loose deliveries. The ball also did not grip as much as it has done throughout the game. If dew has indeed arrived, it might not be great news for Scotland, considering they only have 17 runs to defend in the last four overs. Surely Namibia can’t lose it from here?

Over 15: Namibia 85-4 – Sharif releases a bit of pressure

Prior to the 15th over, Namibia required 35 off 36 balls – an equation that isn’t daunting but was enough to cause a furrowed brow or two. From that perspective, this over has perhaps released the pressure and has allowed Namibia to generate the momentum needed to carry them through the death overs. The pace of Sharif seemed a more favourable match-up for Smit and Wiese, meaning that Berrington might have to turn to spin to change the complexion of the game, again. Namibia need 25 off the final five overs with six wickets in hand.

Over 12.3: Namibia 67-4 – Namibia in a spot of bother

The wickets keep tumbling for Namibia and they are making heavy weather of what should have been a routine run-chase. Scotland, though, deserve credit for not letting them off the hook and capitalizing on whatever opportunities that have come their way. The required run rate is also nudging a run-a-ball and that is something that will pile more pressure on the batters.

Update: David Wiese has walked out to the centre. He has already played a couple of useful cameos for Namibia and is the joint leading six-hitter at this year’s T20 World Cup. Can he come up with the goods again?

Over 11.2: Namibia 61-3 – Erasmus departs; Scotland back in the hunt

Oh my word! This dismissal might have an enormous bearing on how this game shapes up henceforth. Leask defeated Erasmus in flight and then rattled the stumps. The onus has completely shifted onto Williams and Wiese now. And, if Scotland are able to account for either (or both) in the next few overs, they might become the side in the ascendancy. Game on!

Over 11: Namibia 60-2 – Namibia keep chipping away at the target

Namibia haven’t been gung-ho since Green’s dismissal and that is perhaps the wise move, considering they don’t want to let Scotland back into the game. As things stand, the require run rate is still under 6, meaning that singles and doubles will do the job for Namibia. A wicket, though, might change the equation considerably.

Over 9.1 Namibia 50-2 – Greaves keeps Scotland in the hunt

Both Green and Williams have looked to attack the spinners. Unfortunately for Green, it leads to his downfall too as he picks the wrong delivery to go downtown. He ends up wasting a promising start and that has left the door slightly ajar for Scotland. A lot now rests on how captain Erasmus plays and if Williams is able to take his team across the line. Scotland still in it, despite having only 59 runs to defend.

Over 8: Namibia 40-1 – Greaves troubles Williams

Greaves has been one of Scotland’s stand-out bowlers and on a sluggish surface, he could be crucial. In his first over itself, he showcased his full repertoire of tricks and on another day, could’ve trapped Williams LBW. That said, Namibia might not mind picking off singles against Greaves, meaning that the latter might have to do something extraordinary to induce a false stroke.

Update: Brad Wheal is set to bowl his third over, hinting that Scotland are searching for wickets. This tactic could leave them short at the death but unless they take wickets now, that might be a moot point anyway. Scotland also have a slip in place and have five fielders in the circle – a clear sign that they want to stifle Namibia.

Over 5.3: Namibia 28-1 – Sharif gets the breakthrough Scotland crave

Throughout both games today, batters have found it difficult to score runs off a hard length. This time, Sharif makes the most of that ploy and cramps up van Lingen to send him packing. Namibia aren’t out of the woods yet and with van Lingen back in the shed, Scotland might just start believing that they can cause the odd flutter or two. Again, Scotland need to bowl out of their skins to make a fist of this game but they now have something to cling on to.

Over 5: Namibia 26-0 – van Lingen breaks the shackles

Van Lingen has looked the more accomplished batter so far and he seems to be getting into a good rhythm now. Before the 5th over, he had found a lot of fielders with good shots but against Davey, he took the aerial route before bisecting the field down the ground. If he manages to rack up a few more boundaries, Namibia might surge into a position where a victory would seem a formality. Scotland need to break this partnership to get back in the game.

Over 3: Namibia 13-0 – Scotland keep things tight; wicket remains elusive

Scotland have done well so far to keep posing questions to the batter. However, with only 109 runs in the bank, they would want to pick up a wicket soon. That might prompt them to go searching for wickets – something that could open up run-scoring opportunities for the Namibian batters. Expect something to give in the next couple of overs!

Over 1: Namibia 6-0 – Steady start for Namibia

Much like Trumpelmann, Wheal got the ball to move around in his first over. His lines, though, were a little awry, meaning that Namibia were able to negotiate his threat without the loss of a wicket. To add to Wheal’s frustrations, he also conceded four leg byes. If Scotland are to make a fist of this contest, a lot depends on Davey and Wheal. Davey from the other end now!

We are back for the run chase. Craig Williams will face up to Brad Wheal, with Van Lingen at the other end!

Scotland end up with 109!

Scotland began their innings in the worst possible fashion, with three of their top batters being dismissed in the opening over itself. Post that mishap, they couldn’t recover to make the most of the field restrictions. Once the Power Play was done, Cross and Leask did excellently to stitch together a partnership and set Scotland up for a strong finish. For a brief period, Greaves and Leask threatened to do so too, with them generating a head of steam through the middle overs. Towards the end, though, Namibia, courtesy of their carefully-laid out plans, broke through and ended Scotland’s resistance, meaning that the latter huffed and puffed its way to 109-8 after 20 overs.

The pitch has been conducive to fast bowling. The new ball, in particular, offered a lot and caused the batters plenty of problems. Even at the death, balls that were bowled into the pitch didn’t quite come onto the bat. On paper, that is something that Scotland should exploit. But with only 109 runs on the board, it might not be as easy to build pressure.

Nevertheless, Scotland know that they have to scrap for their lives if they are to defend this total. And, that alone should set us up for an exciting second half. Do join us in a few minutes for the run-chase!

Over 19: Scotland 102-7 – Namibia keep the run rate in check

Namibia have pre-dominantly used a combination of slower balls on a length and slower balls that have been dug into the track. The wicket seems tacky, with the ball not coming onto the bat. Greaves has been swinging himself off his feet but has lacked the requisite timing. It could be a template that the Scotland bowlers would also like to follow a little later.

Over 18: Scotland 99-6 – Namibia pulling things back

Namibia have only conceded 7 runs in the last two overs and that has arrested the momentum Scotland had generated prior to it. All of a sudden, it seems that Greaves has lost his timing. He is trying to hit the ball too hard and has failed, while Watt has also not been able to get into his groove instantly. Can they get to a respectable total from here?

Over 16.2 – Scotland 93-6 – Leask bites the dust

Throughout his vigil, Leask had been content to play proper cricketing strokes from his crease. However, in the past few balls he has faced, he has shown an inclination to move around his crease – an inclination that has now led to his downfall. Scotland are now in a spot of bother, considering Leask was expected to provide the thrust at the end. The Scots would hope that they don’t collapse and make the most of whatever remains in this innings.

Over 16: Scotland 92-5 – Scotland well-placed for the final assault

Scotland have done the hard part and they have fashioned themselves an opportunity to finish with a flourish. Leask seems to be batting on a different surface altogether and has been decisive with his batting. Greaves has also gotten into his own lately and if the two are around till the end, Scotland might even be harboring aspirations of a score in excess of 130, which considering their Power Play woes, would be quite an achievement. They will have to handle Frylinck, though and that could be the key match-up.

Over 14: Scotland 78-5 – Leask waging a lone battle

Leask has single-handedly kept Scotland afloat so far and he is getting a bit of support from Greaves too. They have been severe against any loose delivery in the past couple of overs and have signaled their intentions to continue attacking. To be fair to them, they don’t have much of a choice, considering only six overs remain, with Scotland well adrift of what could be a par score on this surface. As things stand, the bare minimum they would want is 125-130.

Update: Greaves has been let off the hook on the final ball of the 12th over. The Scottish batter feathered it through to the keeper, who flung himself to his right but just couldn’t not snaffle up the one-handed chance. A huge escape for Greaves and considering what he has already accomplished at this T20 World Cup, Namibia would hope it does not prove too costly.

Over 11.1: Scotland 57-5 – Frylinck answers Namibian prayers

Just as we were talking about the importance of a wicket, Frylinck pops up to break the game open. He has, in fact, accounted for Cross, meaning that this could have a massive bearing on how Leask plays. Though Greaves is capable with the bat, he might not provide as much batting security as Cross does. Will be interesting to see how Leask approaches his innings henceforth.

Over 11: Scotland 57-4 – Leask cutting loose

Leask has had enough of nudging and nurdling it seems. He has opened up his shoulders, flexed his muscles and sounded out an ominous warning shot. Scotland would want more of this though, considering how far Namibia are ahead. However, this onslaught has perhaps forced Namibia to re-think their plans. From their point of view, they need a wicket soon.

Over 10: Scotland 43-4 – Scotland growing in confidence

Scotland have well and truly weathered the storm now. The singles are coming easily and Leask, in particular, has been aggressive enough to punish whatever loose deliveries the Namibian bowlers have bowled. At the half-way mark, they are still behind the game but if they can increase the tempo in the next few overs, Namibia might have a task on their hands at the death. In an ideal world, Scotland would want to score 35-40 runs in the next five overs – something that would take them up to around 75-80 by the time the slog overs roll in. Half an hour ago, that seemed impossible. Now, Scotland have a faint glimmer of hope.

Over 8: Scotland 32-4 – Cross and Leask consolidating well

Namibia haven’t picked up a wicket since the Power Play and considering how their fortunes have swayed in recent times, that might even be considered a victory. Cross and Leask, though, seem to have established a foothold at the crease and the easing of the field restrictions is allowing them to rotate strike. That could be a template they want to follow for the next 5-6 overs before teeing off towards the end.

Over 5.3: Scotland 18-4 – David Wiese gets in on the act

If the left-arm barrage wasn’t enough, Scotland now have to contend with a wily customer of Wiese’s ilk. Even in the sixth over, he is extracting enough assistance from the surface and finds a way to breach Wallace’s defences with a delivery that decks back into the batter after pitching. The track is offering some help for the bowlers, meaning that run-scoring might not be easy throughout. But Scotland need some runs (at the very least) on the board to actually transfer pressure onto Namibia.

Over 4: Scotland 8-3 – Namibia continue building pressure

The Namibian bowlers are all over Scotland like a rash. They have hardly given anything away and the ball, despite being four overs old, is still swinging and seaming. Scotland are looking to bide their time, which could be the right call. But at some point, they will have to be proactive to shake the pacers off their lines and lengths.

Over 2: Scotland 4-3 – Scotland weather the storm for one over

Both left-arm pacers are getting the ball to talk and Scotland are under quite a bit of pressure. Wallace is trying to advance to counter the swing but is still looking tentative while doing so. A lot now rests on Cross, who lest we forget, has experience of batting at the top of the order. And, with Berrington and MacLeod back in the shed, is one of the more experienced heads in the Scottish batting camp.

Over 1: Scotland 2-3 – No hat-trick for Trumpelmann, after all

The hat-trick didn’t come to fruition but the ball has been swinging prodigiously. Trumpelmann got his lines and lengths right, reaping the rewards in the process. Frylinck, meanwhile, would also be licking his lips and it would be interesting to see if he can dent Scotland further. And, of course, if Scotland can tackle his artistry.

Over 0.4: Scotland 2-3 – Trumpelmann on a hat-trick; Scotland in disarray

The Namibian faithful had barely caught their breath after Munsey’s dismissal and they are again dancing in the aisles now. MacLeod was sent back via a delivery that nipped away and on the very next delivery, Berrington perishes to an in-swinging delivery – much like Shaheen Shah Afridi produced a few days ago. Trumpelmann is now on a hat-trick and the ghosts of Sharjah continue to haunt Scotland. Berrington, rather astonishingly, has two ducks in a row now. Before the Afghanistan game, he alone had scored 373 T20I runs for Scotland in 2021.

Over 0.1: Scotland 0-1 – Trumpelmann draws first blood

Oh my! This is the worst possible start for Scotland. They lose Munsey off the first ball of their innings and Namibia, rather unsurprisingly, are jubilant. Scotland would have wanted a substantial innings from Munsey, with Coetzer absent. But, it wasn’t to be tonight. Also, it would be interesting to see how long Scotland can keep away the thoughts of their batting collapse the other day, especially after the early wicket.

George Munsey will take strike first up against Ruben Trumpelmann. Matthew Cross has earned a promotion in Coetzer’s absence and will be at the other end.

The teams are striding out to the middle for their respective national anthems. A cool breeze has accompanied both sets of cricketers and if the weather forecast is to be believed, today could be the coolest Abu Dhabi evening at this year’s T20 World Cup. Can Namibia’s swing bowlers make the most of it? We’ll find out in a bit!

Can Scotland acclimatize themselves to Abu Dhabi quickly?

So far, Scotland have played a major chunk of their matches in Oman and on surfaces that haven’t been very similar to the ones found in the UAE. A couple of days ago at Sharjah, they were found wanting against Afghanistan. Can they come to grips with another tricky surface at Abu Dhabi tonight? Namibia, on the other hand, have played two of their three previous fixtures at the venue. And, Namibia, courtesy of their decision to bowl first, have thrust the Scots into the deep end straightaway!

Namibia win the toss and bowl first; Richie Berrington captains Scotland

Gerhard Erasmus gets his wish of bowling first. He reckons that dew could be a factor, which considering the recent evidence at Abu Dhabi is a fair enough assumption. Namibia have also been tidy with the ball and that could be another reason why they want to put an beleaguered  Scottish batting unit under pressure. Berrington, meanwhile, says that regular skipper Kyle Coetzer is nursing a finger injury, with Craig Wallace coming into the eleven.

On the flip side, Scotland, just two days after a capitulation, have the chance to set the tone tonight. The likes of George Munsey and Richie Berrington could be key in that particular endeavour.

Namibia XI: Craig Williams, Zane Green, Gerhard Erasmus (C), David Wiese, Michael Van Lingen, JJ Smit, Jan Frylinck, Pikky ya France, Nicol Loftie-Eaton, Ruben Trumpelmann, Bernard Scholtz

Scotland XI: George Munsey, Craig Wallace, Matthew Cross, Calum MacLeod, Richie Berrington (C), Michael Leask, Chris Greaves, Mark Watt, Josh Davey, Safyaan Sharif, Brad Wheal

Namibia love playing T20I cricket against Scotland

Before the T20 World Cup began, Namibia and Scotland met twice in October 2021, with the former emerging victorious on one occasion. The pair clashed at Dubai in 2019 as well, with Namibia getting the better of the Scots. Namibia and Scotland did play a T20 World Cup qualifier at Abu Dhabi too (in 2012) – another game where Scotland succumbed to their Namibian counterparts. Interestingly enough, the Scots seem so sure about Namibia’s quality that their wicket keeper Matthew Cross had quipped prior to the T20 World Cup that Namibia would qualify for the Super 12. Seems like Scotland have quite a lot of records to set straight tonight!

A battle of equals at Abu Dhabi

When both teams qualified for the Super 12, they would have earmarked this fixture as one where they might be able to garner maximum points. Though Group 2 is not as congested as the other bracket, Afghanistan’s new-found batting prowess and Pakistan’s rise has made this contest between Namibia and Scotland exciting, in terms of the strides they want to continue making during this T20 World Cup.

Apart from the mauling against Afghanistan, Scotland have largely held their own, irrespective of the conditions and the opposition. They’ve had different individuals pop up as heroes at various stages, meaning that their fortunes have not been defined by the form of one particular player. More impressively, they have, throughout the T20 World Cup, shown the gumption for a fight and have not baulked down at any juncture. That, though might be put to the test tonight, especially after the result against Afghanistan.

Namibia, meanwhile, don’t have any Super 12 ghosts to vanquish yet. Their most recent memory of the T20 World Cup is that of them chasing down Ireland’s total clinically at Sharjah. Much like Scotland, they have collectively punched above their weight and their strength lies in their cohesion. The inclusion of David Wiese, in particular, has galvanized the side and has ensured that they have retained equanimity even when the pressure has been amped up.

To an extent, they might even have an edge over Scotland tonight, considering that they aren’t really coming off a thumping defeat. Instead, this is their chance to show that they belong to this stage. For the Scots, this game is more about reminding themselves and the rest of the world that they indeed warrant a place at the top-tier T20 table, and that the game against Afghanistan was just an aberration.

T20 World Cup 2021 Scotland v Namibia: Preview

Namibia lost the first match of the first round of the T20 World Cup against Sri Lanka but bounced back strongly to register convincing wins over Netherlands and Ireland to seal a spot in the Super 12s. Scotland, on the other hand, won all three matches in Round One but did not have the best start in the second round, as they were bowled out for just 60 against Afghanistan on Monday.

T20 World Cup 2021 SCO vs NAM: Team news and injury updates

Scotland do not have any injury issues ahead of the game, and they might stick to the same XI despite the heavy defeat against Afghanistan in the last match. The game against Namibia is expected to be a more even contest for the Kyle Coetzer-led side.

T20 World Cup 2021 Scotland squad: Full team list for SCO

Namibia had picked Picky Ya France in place of Stephan Baard for their last game, which meant that Craig Williams batted higher up the order. The side might not make any changes to their XI for the upcoming game.

T20 World Cup 2021 Namibia squad: Full team list for NAM

T20 World Cup 2021 Scotland v Namibia: Where to watch live

India: Star Sports Network; Disney+ Hotstar

UK & Ireland: Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Mix; Sky Sports app, www.skysports.com

North Africa: CricLife Max.

South Africa: SuperSport Cricket, S Grandstand, S Variety 1 and S CSN

The complete list of broadcast (TV and live streaming) options for the tournament can be found here.

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